OOo2 Build Instructions Gimped

Jeremy Byron rjjbyron at
Tue Nov 29 14:56:12 PST 2005

I tried building OOo2 again using the instructions in the book seeing as 
people are saying they have successful builds, but I don't see how they 
could without a lot of monkeying on their own.

The bsh download is "..b4-src.tar.bz2" but the copy and decompression 
command references "..b4.tar.bz2" and the build system requires 
"..b4-src.tar.gz".  And why do you decompress it?  I thought the build 
scripts did that in the appropriate locations; I never decompressed it 
when I was building OOo2 before.

I submitted a patch a while back (most of which looks like it has been 
cleaned out) that removed erroneous optimizations in the code but you 
still have the sed in the book for  There are a few files 
that have this problem and is no longer one of them so the 
sed doesn't do anything.  You'll have to run a "grep -lr 'mtune'" and 
"grep -lr 'mcpu'" to find them, I didn't make a patch.

There is no mention in the dependencies about Gnome-vfs but the build 
requires it unless --disable-gnome-vfs is added to the configure.

Under the latest SVNs, tcsh is gimped such that the bootstrap command 
fails unless you 'unset LS_COLORS'.

Using the instructions to swap in --with-system-mozilla (with an added 
--with-firefox) to use the firefox ldap, the build fails as before.  Why 
isn't David's libsec patch in the book?  It seems retarded to build a 
full mozilla suite just to have an office suite, especially when a 
browser is already on the system.


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