DJ Lucas dj at
Mon Nov 28 22:22:15 PST 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> DJ Lucas wrote these words on 11/27/05 19:50 CST:
>>Hello all.  I'm attempting to use sound-juicer to create MP3 files. 
>>I've created the profile, and used the settings (CnP) from the help 
>>topic.  Any attempt thereafter to use the new profile, in fact even 
>>opening the preferences, results in a segfault.
> I noticed this as well. In fact, went to BZ it in GNOME BZ, but there
> was already a bug. See:
> This appears to be a different bug than the one I saw earlier, I
> cannot see the one that was identical to what I was seeing. However,
> I see very similar things as you are seeing DJ.

Looks like gtk+-2.8.3 needs a patch.

That'll fix the segfault, however, the other bug mentioned there will 
fix several other non fatal 'CRITICAL' errors. :-)

See the last comment for the bug report on that one.  The first patch, 
after verification, should be put into the book.  I'm going to rebuid 
gtk+ with the patch and see what happens.

-- DJ Lucas

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