Linux PAM/Shadow

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Mon Nov 28 15:41:36 PST 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'll try and be as concise as possible and get right to the point.
> The new version of Linux-PAM (see a previous post) has an issue
> with Shadow. Brief description:
> PAM installs libraries in /lib (which it should), including .la files.
> This is new to PAM (it uses libtool and auto* a bit heavier now).
> These .la files are moved to /usr/lib (as always is done in LFS and
> BLFS). Hardcoded in these .la files is "libdir='lib'".
> This apparently causes some problems when you then recompile Shadow.
> Shadow claims the .la files have been moved and aborts the build with
> an error (during the 'make').
> Here are possible solutions. I'm looking for opinions as to what
> would be best.
> 1. Delete the .la files and everything is fine. Best as I can tell,
> .la files aren't really necessary.
> 2. Do a simple sed on the .la files and change the 'lib' to '/usr/lib'
> and everything is fine.
> 3. Currently the default for PAM is installation of libraries in
> /lib and the modules in /lib/security. We could pass 'libdir=/usr/lib'
> *and* 'securedir=/lib/security' to configure, then move the
> .so.0.81.1 and .so.0 files from /usr/lib to /lib and everything would
> be fine.

I think #2 or #3 are both reasonable as, from your description, they do
the same thing.

Is this something that should be addressed upstream?

  -- Bruce

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