Linux PAM/Shadow

Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon Nov 28 15:10:44 PST 2005

Hi all,

I'll try and be as concise as possible and get right to the point.
The new version of Linux-PAM (see a previous post) has an issue
with Shadow. Brief description:

PAM installs libraries in /lib (which it should), including .la files.
This is new to PAM (it uses libtool and auto* a bit heavier now).
These .la files are moved to /usr/lib (as always is done in LFS and
BLFS). Hardcoded in these .la files is "libdir='lib'".

This apparently causes some problems when you then recompile Shadow.
Shadow claims the .la files have been moved and aborts the build with
an error (during the 'make').

Here are possible solutions. I'm looking for opinions as to what
would be best.

1. Delete the .la files and everything is fine. Best as I can tell,
.la files aren't really necessary.

2. Do a simple sed on the .la files and change the 'lib' to '/usr/lib'
and everything is fine.

3. Currently the default for PAM is installation of libraries in
/lib and the modules in /lib/security. We could pass 'libdir=/usr/lib'
*and* 'securedir=/lib/security' to configure, then move the
.so.0.81.1 and .so.0 files from /usr/lib to /lib and everything would
be fine.

There may be other solutions perhaps, but I didn't check into any
more. I am in favor of #2.

Your opinion is solicited. Thanks.


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