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Sun Nov 27 12:53:39 PST 2005

El Domingo, 27 de Noviembre de 2005 19:03, Randy McMurchy escribió:

> I personally don't see the benefit. 

Are you using customs scripts to build the BLFS packages or are you 
copy-and-paste directly from the book?

> Automating LFS is one thing. 
> BLFS is a whole different animal. 

Agree. For BLFS only a semi-automatization is possible. 

We can create the base scripts and Makefile, but the user will need to read 
the book to figure-out what changes should do to those scripts and Makefile 
to install the packages he want in the way that he want.

> There are simply too many intangibles 
> that will have to be addressed: configuration, 

That is also true for any distro. The user must to configure several packages 
after installation to can use it

> which package to use 
> when you have a required dependency of packageA or packageB,

User choice, via a command switch or editing the Makefile.

> dependencies not having instructions in BLFS, 

I hope that no "Required" ones.

> do you run the test suites.

Already handled.

> I could go on but I think you get the message. 

Yes, there is many issues that must be take into account to can do the system 

> We have close to, or 
> at, 100 bugs in BZ. Adding an automated build system is going to
> increase this plus put a drain on the Editor load. 

I doubt it.

> We already have 
> some packages in BLFS that won't build using GCC4. And now you want to
> add more complexity. 

What complexity is added by those small tags changes?

When it place, their maitenance work will be negigible.

> I realize that now it will be suggested that Jeremy and Manual will
> be glad to help out in getting this done, however, my belief is that
> there will be one issue after another which will have to be addressed.

I hope that no others requiring XML changes. And that changes are due that 
there ir no other easy way to extract that info.

> I suppose one thing is that I am just not a fan of automated builds.
> This may be tainting my opinion.


I was trying to avoid any change on the XML due that I was sure about your 
answer :-/

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