Automating BLFS

Randy McMurchy randy at
Sun Nov 27 10:03:18 PST 2005

Bruce Dubbs wrote these words on 11/27/05 11:39 CST:
> I have asked Jeremy and Manuel to consider setting up an automated
> system to extract instructions from BLFS and creating one or more
> Makefiles to help users in building packages from BLFS.  This process is
> similar to the jhalfs process. One of the primary advantages is that a
> proper Makefile could traverse dependencies as specified in the book to
> install packages in the correct order.

I personally don't see the benefit. Automating LFS is one thing.
BLFS is a whole different animal. There are simply too many intangibles
that will have to be addressed: configuration, which package to use
when you have a required dependency of packageA or packageB,
dependencies not having instructions in BLFS, do you run the test

I could go on but I think you get the message. We have close to, or
at, 100 bugs in BZ. Adding an automated build system is going to
increase this plus put a drain on the Editor load. We already have
some packages in BLFS that won't build using GCC4. And now you want to
add more complexity. I believe we need to catch up with the work at
hand, before adding new projects.

I realize that now it will be suggested that Jeremy and Manual will
be glad to help out in getting this done, however, my belief is that
there will be one issue after another which will have to be addressed.

I suppose one thing is that I am just not a fan of automated builds.
This may be tainting my opinion.


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