Automating BLFS

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Sun Nov 27 09:39:10 PST 2005

I have asked Jeremy and Manuel to consider setting up an automated
system to extract instructions from BLFS and creating one or more
Makefiles to help users in building packages from BLFS.  This process is
similar to the jhalfs process. One of the primary advantages is that a
proper Makefile could traverse dependencies as specified in the book to
install packages in the correct order.

This process is considerably more difficult than LFS because of the
non-linear nature of BLFS.  To help Manuel extract the proper info, he
is asking that we make some changes to the xml structure of the book.

What is needed is to add a section to each package in the [sect1info]
structure like:

      [!-- The actual package name but without the .bz2 or .gz extension --]
      [keyword role="package">GConf-&GConf-version;.tar[/keyword>
      [!-- The subdir under BLFS/conglomeration/ in where it is stored --]
      [keyword role="ftpdir">GConf[/keyword>

and add a role to the paragraph after the bridgehead statements starting
the dependencies sections.

    [bridgehead renderas="sect4"]Required[/bridgehead]
-->    [para role="required"][xref linkend="ORBit2"/] and
    [xref linkend="libxml2"/][/para]

    [bridgehead renderas="sect4"]Optional[/bridgehead]
-->    [para role="optional"][xref linkend="gtk2"/],
    [xref linkend="openldap"/], ...

There may be other changes needed not yet identified.

I know this is a lot of work for the editors, so I am asking for feedback.

  -- Bruce

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