Net-Tools Issue

Randy McMurchy randy at
Fri Nov 25 12:09:00 PST 2005

Hi all,

Has anyone built a patch for the new coreutils version that will
suppress the building and installation of the 'hostname' program?

Currently LFS uses a patch for coreutils-5.93 that suppresses building
the 'uptime', 'kill' and 'su' programs. There used to be a patch in
the repo that also suppressed the building of the 'hostname' program
for the previous versions of Coreutils.

The Net-Tools package in BLFS references this patch. The BLFS book
says that if you need to reinstall Coreutils and you wish to preserve
the Net-Tools 'hostname' program, you'll need this patch.

I'm hoping that perhaps someone has created such a patch for the new
Coreutils. If not, what might be best is to create a patch that goes
*on top* of the existing LFS 'no_uptime_kill_su' patch. This way it
may be more portable to future versions of Coreutils.

Or, does anyone else have a better idea. Removing Net-Tools from the
book not being an option. :-)


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