Randy McMurchy randy at
Fri Nov 25 00:00:13 PST 2005

DJ Lucas wrote these words on 11/25/05 01:23 CST:
> It might be useful to mention for the deps of gnome doc utils, that 
> libxml2 is required and must be built with python.  xml2po uses the 
> libxml2 module so required (only at runtime) is "libxml2-2.6.0 (requires 
> Python-2.4.2)".  AFAICT, it's pretty much useless without the libxml2 
> module though.

Gnome-doc-utils has a required dependency of Scrollkeeper, which
has a required dependency of libxslt, which has a required depend
of libxml2. What is your point?

> Also, what stemmed the above note, sound-juicer has no way to disable 
> gnome-doc-utils, well by configure anyway, but it chokes on a bunk 
> install of it (no libxml2 python module).  I don't know if it breaks if 
> gnome-doc-utils is not installed.

Sound-Juicer's dependencies list stuff that will finally trace back
to gnome-doc-utils being required. May I suggest you follow the
dependencies listed in the book. :-)


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