DJ Lucas dj at
Thu Nov 24 23:23:33 PST 2005

It might be useful to mention for the deps of gnome doc utils, that 
libxml2 is required and must be built with python.  xml2po uses the 
libxml2 module so required (only at runtime) is "libxml2-2.6.0 (requires 
Python-2.4.2)".  AFAICT, it's pretty much useless without the libxml2 
module though.

Also, what stemmed the above note, sound-juicer has no way to disable 
gnome-doc-utils, well by configure anyway, but it chokes on a bunk 
install of it (no libxml2 python module).  I don't know if it breaks if 
gnome-doc-utils is not installed.

-- DJ Lucas

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