Xine-Lib and libdvdnav

DJ Lucas dj at
Thu Nov 24 20:07:52 PST 2005

Chris Staub wrote:

> Nevermind, it looks like Xine will use libdvdcss itself (doesn't use 
> libdvdread) which case libdvdcss needs to be added to Xine's list 
> of dependencies. However, I don't know if dvdnav needs to be removed 
> from the Optional list...Xine *can* use an external dvdnav library (why 
> you would need to I don't know, but you can...).

Then I stand should remain, baring our decision to follow 
(or not) the recomendation of the developers.  libdvdcss OTOH should be 
added...I've always just took that for granted.

-- DJ Lucas

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