Xine-Lib and libdvdnav

Chris Staub chris at
Thu Nov 24 08:17:06 PST 2005

Chris Staub wrote:
> DJ Lucas wrote:
>> The following is seen when clicking on the libdvdnav link from 
>> xine-lib installation instrucitons:
>>> Posted By: jcdutton
>>> Date: 2003-02-16 17:40
>>> Summary: xine does not need libdvdnav anymore.
>>> xine 0.9.17 and any later version (from now includes 
>>> it's own version of xine-dvdnav and libdvdnav. So, in order to play 
>>> DVDs in xine, one does not need any files from this site. 
>> -- DJ Lucas
> And while we're on the subject, libdvdread is not listed among Xine's 
> optional dependencies.

Nevermind, it looks like Xine will use libdvdcss itself (doesn't use 
libdvdread) which case libdvdcss needs to be added to Xine's list 
of dependencies. However, I don't know if dvdnav needs to be removed 
from the Optional list...Xine *can* use an external dvdnav library (why 
you would need to I don't know, but you can...).

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