Coming to the end of a BLFS 6.1 build (at long last)

DJ Lucas dj at
Wed Nov 23 20:23:37 PST 2005

S. Anthony Sequeira wrote:
> Building OpenOffice.
> 1.1.4 doesn't seem to be available.
> Can anyone confirm/deny that 1.1.5 can be built wth 1.1.4 instructions/patches 
> please.

I don't recall how I orriginally built 1.1.5.  I don't see where it'd be 
a problem except for the assumed 4x compiler.  The 4.x.x patches 
_should_ be accepted fine by gcc-3.x but I can't recall if I've actually 
tried it.  The OOo-1.1.5 patches are in a different directory due to the 
name change of the tarball.  Actually If I remember correctly, the 1.1.4 
patches (except for the security patch which was included) applied to 
1.1.5 (twas gcc4 also at the time) but it's been a few months since that 
change.  See here for the new patches:

The best advice I can offer is to try it....or possibly the better 
solution is to try 2.0.0.  The needed patches are floating about here:

Obviously you won't need the gcc4 patch, and, if needed, use the 
LinuxPAM patch from the LFS patches.  Note, there are some problems with 
glibc actually that may affect the running openoffice 2.0 when in 
certain environments.  It's not been tracked down fully, but I suspect 
that it's soley the NVIDIA drivers tickling glibc the right way.  It 
could be KDE as well, but I don't believe so at this point.  Check this 
thread if you go for 2.0.0 and have difficulties running it:

Hope that gives you some ideas.

-- DJ Lucas

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