BLFS Bugzilla #1690

Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Nov 17 09:53:26 PST 2005

Steffen R. Knollmann wrote these words on 11/17/05 11:29 CST:

>   I don't know about Sound-Juicer, I always use cdparanoia and oggenc,
> but as mentioned above, it might be that the quality setting you use is
> high enough to cover the bug.

Don't know. I used whatever was the default in Sound Juicer. Either
way though, the patch you sent in will be put in the book, just as
soon as I get to it. I'm in the process of adding Sound Juicer to
the GNOME add-on section right now.

I never doubted you, especially seeing how the libvorbis maintainer
closed the Xiph bug as "Fixed". There was much work and testing on
this bug according to the bug log. There's no reason for me not to
trust the patch.

My whole question was about the Sound Juicer thing and me not being
able to distinguish the "quality loss".


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