BLFS Bugzilla #1690

Steffen R. Knollmann sknolli at
Thu Nov 17 09:29:26 PST 2005

Hi all!

On Thu, Nov 17, 2005 at 09:41:27AM -0600, Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Noted in
> it says that if libvorbis-1.1.1 is compiled using GCC-4.0.x, that
> files produced using libvorbis will be corrupted.

  Oh, okay. Now. Sorry, my fault. The files are not corrupt, they are
still valid ogg-files (as in: can be readily played). The content
though is faulty and will sound really bad and even have higher
bitrates than it is supposed to have.

  This is something that might go unnoticed if the quality setting is
high (target bitrate of 256kB/s or so). I will try that.

> I cannot duplicate this behavior. Perhaps it requires using special
> optimizations ( this is mentioned in the bug at
> )

  It is triggered using no user-supplied optimizations at all, just the
package internal ones.

> I ripped a file using Sound-Juicer, which my understanding is that
> it uses libvorbis to encode the data and make a .ogg file. This
> file plays fine using ogg123. I cannot tell any difference in the
> .ogg file from playing the CD directly (sound quality wise).

  I don't know about Sound-Juicer, I always use cdparanoia and oggenc,
but as mentioned above, it might be that the quality setting you use is
high enough to cover the bug.


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