Java 1.4.2_10 install on LFS SVN

Jay D. McHugh jay at
Wed Nov 16 12:18:12 PST 2005

Hello All,

I don't know if anyone else had/has a need for Java 1.4 (I need it to be 
able to use the Geronimo application server).

But, I tried to install the binary of Java 1.4.2_10 on the SVN version 
of LFS from 11/13.

I ran into two problems:

The first is that appearantly the syntax for the tail command has been 
changed to remove an ambiguity.  The java package uses the command:
    tail +511 $0 > filename

An error comes up because tail now requires the '-n' to remove ambiguity 
of whether the +511 is actually the file you want to examine.  So the 
necessary command would be:
    tail -n +511 > filename

The second problem is with the checksum.  The script is using the 
'/usr/bin/sum' command to check whether the file just created with the 
above tail command matches the expected values.  It does not.  The 
checksum is different even though the number of blocks comes out the same.

To be able to install java 1.4.2 I had to edit the script to have the 
new calculated checksum and the '-n' switch.  Has anyone else tried to 
install java 1.4.2 or has everyone else moved on to java 1.5?


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