[Fwd: firefox "mailto:" protocol configuration]

Tim van der Molen dermolen at home.nl
Fri Nov 11 11:27:22 PST 2005

Christian Bendele wrote:
> Christian Bendele wrote:
>> In firefox's address bar enter "about:config" to get a list of all 
>> configuration variables. you can enter "mail" in the filter at the 
>> top, because otherwise they are too many for comfort.
>> then you have to make two changes:
>> change "network.protocol-handler.expose.mailto" to "TRUE"
>> and then create a new string variable (right mouse-click and click 
>> "new -> string") called
>> "network.protocol-handler.app.mailto". Set this variable's value to 
>> the command line you use
>> to start your mail client. A simple "thunderbird" does the job for 
>> that client, options like mail address, subject etc,
>> if contained in the link you clicked, will automatically be used for 
>> the new mail.
> Okay, I have to correct myself. While this does indeed work fine on my 
> elderly lfs5.1 system and firefox-1.0.0 there seems to be some problem 
> with firefox-1.0.7 on my brandnew system. In thunderbird the "mailto:" 
> part of the link gets included into the address part of the mail header. 
> This will cause the mail to bounce. I'm not sure if that is a bug either 
> in newer versions (later than 1.0.0) of firefox or thunderbird, or if 
> something was changed on purpose...
> I'll try to find a solution, but maybe somebody else already knows 
> one... :)
> Christian

FWIW, on my LFS 6.1 system with Firefox 1.0.7 the "mailto:" part is not 
included in both Mutt as Thunderbird 1.0.7.


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