[Fwd: firefox "mailto:" protocol configuration]

Christian Bendele Christian.Bendele at gmx.net
Fri Nov 11 10:51:21 PST 2005


in freenode irc's #lfs-support, which i frequent on a regular base, a 
question came up several times during the last weeks:

How do I configure firefox so that it automatically runs thunderbird (or 
any other mail client for that matter) when I click on a "mailto:" link, 
or when a html form is submitted using the mailto protocol.

although several solutions depending on shell scripts and stuff have 
been offered, i consider this one the simplest:

In firefox's address bar enter "about:config" to get a list of all 
configuration variables. you can enter "mail" in the filter at the top, 
because otherwise they are too many for comfort.

then you have to make two changes:

change "network.protocol-handler.expose.mailto" to "TRUE"

and then create a new string variable (right mouse-click and click "new 
-> string") called
"network.protocol-handler.app.mailto". Set this variable's value to the 
command line you use
to start your mail client. A simple "thunderbird" does the job for that 
client, options like mail address, subject etc,
if contained in the link you clicked, will automatically be used for the 
new mail.

This whole procedure can either be done as root to make it work system 
wide, or it can also be done by individual users if different mail 
clients are in use by various users.

Maybe it would be possible to include that procedure in the "firefox" 
chapter of blfs. I would expect any distribution to handle the mailto 
protocol correctly, and lfs shouldn't be an exception here.


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