Shared library permissions

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Sun Nov 6 21:15:46 PST 2005

Andrew Benton wrote:

>>> On the BIND-9.3.1 server page there is a long instruction to chmod
>>> the installed shared libraries to 755 and the explanation given is
>>> that "Libtool does not set the permissions for these libraries
>>> correctly"...But libtool sets the permissions to 644. How is that not
>>> correct? Why do shared libraries need to be executable? Why go to the
>>> trouble of "fixing" something that isn't broken?

  I've make a change to the book to change the explanation of the reason
for the chmod command to:

"Enable the execute bit to prevent a warning when using ldd to check
library dependencies."

This is a more accurate explanation and will allow users to make a
judgement whether or not they want to use the chmod instruction.

  -- Bruce

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