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El Viernes, 4 de Noviembre de 2005 01:16, Bruce Dubbs escribió:

> In any case, we can migrate our process to the way LFS is doing it.
> Right now it's just a matter of hammering out the details and making it
> happen.


.- Replace patcheslist.xsl with the attached one.

.- Replace the patch-root entity by:

<!ENTITY patch-root   "">

to can have all patches directories for all project's books (except CLFS for 
now) under the same tree hierarchy.

.- Apply the attached patch to render-blfs-book-sh

.- From that moment, all new patches must be added to the patches repo before 
to commit the book changes. To remove old patches, follow the patches project 

.- The BLFS/trunk/patches repo directory could be removed and the 
blfs/downloads/svn/ directory could be used to store the HTML tarball (like 
LFS) instead of the patches. 

.- To be sure at any moment (i.e., after a packages version changes that 
implies the addition/removal of several patches) that all patches mentioned 
in the book are up-to-date on the patches repo, the editor can run the next 
command when logged into their belgarath's home:

xsltproc --xinclude --nonet -stringparam dest.dir ~/blfs-patches  \
    stylesheets/patches-script.xsl index.xml | sh -

You can do the changed mentioned above in few minutes, run manually the new, verify that all go well, and, if you agree with the 
results, then maybe will be good also to do another review to (e.g., to "svn co" only BLFS/trunk/BOOK or to make it 
more similar to, that can manage branches.)

If it don't work as you like, revert the changes, run the old, and continue using the curren method ;-)

Manuel Canales Esparcia
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