openssh and Ssh.bin

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Fri Nov 4 08:35:26 PST 2005

shane.shields at wrote:
> Hi all,
> Compiling openssh I noticed that it puts Ssh.bin directly into 
> /usr/share. This doesnt seem to be quite right so I would suggest 
> putting that file into /usr/share/openssh by passing 
> --datadir=/usr/share/openssh to configure.

Its an interesting file.  :)

$ file /usr/share/Ssh.bin
/usr/share/Ssh.bin: DBase 3 data file (507582464 records)

$ ll /usr/share/Ssh.bin
-rw-r--r--  1 root root 600 Sep  2 01:47 /usr/share/Ssh.bin

Looking at the openssh source:

[/usr/src/openssh/openssh-4.2p1]$ grep -r Ssh.bin *
contrib/aix/ /usr/local/share/Ssh.bin:
contrib/redhat/openssh.spec:     rm -f
README.smartcard:       sectok> junload Ssh.bin
README.smartcard:       sectok> jload /usr/libdata/ssh/Ssh.bin
scard/  Ssh.bin.uu
scard/     uudecode Ssh.bin.uu
scard/     rm -rf Ssh.bin
scard/      uudecode Ssh.bin.uu
scard/ $(srcdir)/Ssh.bin
scard/      $(INSTALL) -m 0644 $(srcdir)/Ssh.bin
scard/Ssh.bin.uu:begin 644 Ssh.bin
scard/Makefile:#Ssh.bin:  Ssh.bin.uu
scard/Makefile:#        uudecode Ssh.bin.uu
scard/Makefile:#        rm -rf Ssh.bin
scard/Makefile: uudecode Ssh.bin.uu
scard/Makefile:install: $(srcdir)/Ssh.bin
scard/Makefile: $(INSTALL) -m 0644 $(srcdir)/Ssh.bin

It looks like the only way the file is used is if the --with-sectok
switch is used, and then only when the file is specified manually in
response to a settok> prompt.

Perhaps the better option is to delete the file in the absence of a
smart card enabled openssh.

  -- Bruce

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