Patches md5sums

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Thu Nov 3 15:10:40 PST 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Randy McMurchy wrote these words on 11/03/05 12:32 CST:
>>Hence, the difference between LFS and BLFS repos. Furthermore, to
>>sync them would be difficult (well, not really difficult, but time
> Thinking about this, I believe the main reason the BLFS repo was
> created is because it was deemed that the BLFS editors needed a way
> to timely update patches. There was a time when it would be weeks or
> more before patches would be updated to the LFS repo.


> However, this is not the case any longer. Jim and Tush are back,
> Archaic now helps out and additionally, the BLFS editors have commit
> privy to the LFS patches repo.

Also correct.

> For the above reasons, we could probably dump the BLFS repo and
> revert back to using the LFS repo. Only issue with this is, the BLFS
> patches are currently all in one central location, with a URL that
> points (via an entity) to the location. Using the LFS method, where
> all the patches are in separate directories, according to the package
> name, we would have to update every patch URL in the BLFS book.

I took a look and there are 118 patches in BLFS.   What would be needed
is to change the entity patch-root to
"" and edit every
reference to add a directory.  For instance,

> However, creating a directory for BLFS SVN patches and adding symlinks
> to the patches in this directory, would mean that we would only have
> to update the patches location entity in the book.

This is another alternative and as Manuel mentions, can be automated.  I
 will note that, for patches, the book does not point to the mirrors at
all, and most of the patches are downloaded from belgarath.

The render script that checks for the availability of patches would also
need to be updated.

Considering the above discussion, I believe the most appropriate way of
fixing this issue is to (1) have the editors update the patches
repository directly and (2) have the render script extract the needed
ones from there and put them into the blfs/downloads/svn/ directory.  At
the same time, it could do the check for presence.

For the mirrors, (3) I believe a script based on the extraction script
in the rendering could also extract the needed patches and place them in
the appropriate directories.

Does that sound like a plan?

  -- Bruce

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