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Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Nov 3 11:23:55 PST 2005 wrote these words on 11/03/05 13:09 CST:

> That was the method  previously used in HLFS, but migrated now to the method 
> used in LFS: the patches are automatically recollected from the book's 
> sources, pulled from the patches SVN repo, and copied to a directory under 
> each time that the online book version is 
> rendered.
> Requisites: find the old blfs-patches.xsl stylesheet (I should have it in some 
> place), very that work with current BLFS sources, and adapt 
> to use it.

Thanks for the tip, Manuel. Another thing I now remember about having
the BLFS repo is that a message is sent to -book if there is any
patches missing or if one that is not referenced in the book exists
in the repo.

I suppose this would still be an easy thing to set up.


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