Patches md5sums

Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Nov 3 10:32:48 PST 2005

Justin Knierim wrote these words on 11/03/05 12:39 CST:

> While changing download locations for the LiveCD, I had a problem with 
> sha1sums (but md5sums are also effected) of the patches not matching.  
> Is this difference, for example, between the patch from 
> /patches/downloads/libpng and /blfs/downloads/svn caused by svn or 
> something else?  Just want to know for my info.  For the blfs repo, I 
> pull all patches from the blfs book urls.

It is very likely that patches in the BLFS repo and the ones in the
LFS repo won't be identical. Though functionality is the same, they
won't be identical. In fact, I think it would be hard to get them

And they are all (even very old ones that haven't changed in a long
time) going to be different because when BLFS 6.1 was released, Bruce
inadvertently deleted the SVN repo, then had to restore it. So, with
that, all the $lastchangedby$ and $date$ entities where updated.

Hence, the difference between LFS and BLFS repos. Furthermore, to
sync them would be difficult (well, not really difficult, but time



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