Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird change

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Thu Nov 3 07:23:51 PST 2005

DJ Lucas wrote:

> If you or Bruce still feel strongly against it, I'll defer the addition
> of a note until I can think of a way to, and then verify without a
> doubt, that firefox will not use it.  This will leave building against
> firefox out of the question for at least a little while.  Actually,
> it'll just stay in my home dir on Belg for a few more days anyway as I
> have a bit more testing to do.

I'm fairly liberal when it comes to making additions to the svn version
of the book.  If there are problems, they get flagged earlier becasue we
get more testing.

Go ahead and add the note.  If it needs tweaking, we'll fix it.

  -- Bruce

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