Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird change

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Thu Nov 3 06:30:17 PST 2005

On 11/2/05, Randy McMurchy <randy at> wrote:
> DJ Lucas wrote these words on 11/02/05 23:18 CST:
> > Oh I mis-understood....nothing in that case AFAIK, but the firefox
> > instructions in the book contain '--disable-ldap'.
> Yes. As is recommended by the Moz developers. You'll probably need
> to come up with a real compelling reason why we would need to change
> this.

Problem is, no one knows why that recommendation was made.  Following
up on dj's search for firefox libraries that link to libmozldap, I did
the same thing in Thunderbird's lib directory:
for file in $( find . -type f ); do
> ldd $file | grep "ldap" && echo $file
> done 2>/dev/null => not found => not found

Same thing as he saw with --enable-ldap for firefox.  I'm gonna try to
search through the mozilla site and see why --disable-ldap is included
for firefox.  Since in either case, just this component links to the
libraries, I think it's only included as a time saver since a
standalone web browser has no use for LDAP.  Just speculation right


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