Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird change

DJ Lucas dj at
Wed Nov 2 22:47:43 PST 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> DJ Lucas wrote these words on 11/02/05 23:18 CST:
>>Oh I mis-understood....nothing in that case AFAIK, but the firefox 
>>instructions in the book contain '--disable-ldap'.
> Yes. As is recommended by the Moz developers. You'll probably need
> to come up with a real compelling reason why we would need to change
> this.

How about reversing the scenario?  Is there really a need to disable it 
short of nothing in firefox being able to use it?  As best I can tell, 
nothing in the browser component even looks at it.  And as shown 
earlier, nothing in the installation directory links to the, or (except for to and

The only _compelling_ reason I can give is that it looks to be a PITA to 
disable this functionality in OOo, while it appears not to pose a 
problem to enable it here.  It only shows ldap in a few subprojects 
right now so it may not be a huge ammount of work to disable it 
completely in OOo, but I'm unsure.  Unfortunately there is not already a 
patch available to do this, and it doesn't look much like my idea of fun 
to create one.  Secondly, I would _not_ suggest this to be the 
default...only a note suggesting to add the switch if you'll be building 
OOo against it later on.

If you or Bruce still feel strongly against it, I'll defer the addition 
of a note until I can think of a way to, and then verify without a 
doubt, that firefox will not use it.  This will leave building against 
firefox out of the question for at least a little while.  Actually, 
it'll just stay in my home dir on Belg for a few more days anyway as I 
have a bit more testing to do.

-- DJ Lucas

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