Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird change

Randy McMurchy randy at
Wed Nov 2 19:58:53 PST 2005

DJ Lucas wrote these words on 11/02/05 21:21 CST:
> This message is directed toward Randy since those packages have been 
> updated by him most recently, but posted here for history's sake.
> Any objection to an added note about '--enable-ldap' being needed for 
> OpenOffice in the Firefox, Thunderbird, and Mozilla instructions?

I would really need more background to answer this question. Is is
mandatory for OOo? What is the need for?

Thunderbird and Moz don't really create an issue, however, the note
would also need to include a blurb that OpenLDAP is required. But
OpenLDAP is an optional dependency, so how can it be required?
Somewhat a contradiction. But nothing that couldn't be overcome.

Perhaps a note such as (and I'm guessing because I don't have enough
background on your question to answer it properly):

"If you plan on building OpenOffice, you'll need to ensure that
OpenLDAP is installed and add --enable-ldap to the configure script"

Firefox does however create an issue. The default
browser/config/mozconfig file in the firefox tree explicitly disables
ldap using --disable-ldap.

Changing this would be contrary to the Moz developers and something
I'm not sure we want to do. Besides, what does LDAP support in Firefox
do? To the best of my knowledge it is only used by the address book
functionality, which Firefox doesn't provide.

Not trying to be a stick-in-the-mud, but adding a note to Firefox
which contradicts the Firefox developers suggestions, seems
counter-productive. Especially considering that many folks don't
use the Firefox instructions from BLFS, but build it using the
method suggested by the Moz devs (which as we all know by know
produces the same result) but they would have to figure out how
to accommodate for OpenOffice. This would mean editing the default
browser/config/mozconfig file. Seems it would contribute to many
support questions.

I will however, leave the decision up to you.


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