Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird change

DJ Lucas dj at
Wed Nov 2 19:21:06 PST 2005

This message is directed toward Randy since those packages have been 
updated by him most recently, but posted here for history's sake.

Any objection to an added note about '--enable-ldap' being needed for 
OpenOffice in the Firefox, Thunderbird, and Mozilla instructions? 
Additionally, I'm testing a single extension to the current gcc4 patch 
for all of the above that fixes an anonymous enum in xptinfo.h.  While I 
don't foresee any problem with it at all, I'm not submitting it until 
it's been tested in a full build with all three (firefox is out of the 
way already since last night and a thunderbird rebuild will be started 

OOo-2.0.0 has turned out to be pretty nice...I especially like the silly 
moz/ff plugin to view them directly in the browser.  Yes the simple 
things amuse me.  Unfortunately the plugin doesn't open MS document 
types but I'm being a bit too choosy now.

-- DJ Lucas

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