DJ Lucas dj at
Wed Nov 2 19:19:45 PST 2005

David Ciecierski wrote:


David, All is well with the current firefox and OOo-2.0.0 with added 
xmlsec_no_mozillla-1.patch and a quick sed on 
<moz-includes>/xpcom/xptinfo.h (gcc4 related).  There is no header info 
in that this your own or from elsewhere? (if elsewhere, a 
link would be great for proper attribution).  I'll need to get these 
into BLFS soon...probably a little sooner than expected even.  Thanks 
again for tackling this for everyone.  I wasn't able to get an updated 
build time due to the fact that I mistyped the sed and thus the build 
failed again, but I'd estimate that it was in the neighborhood of 25-30 
minutes saved on a 233s SBU PC.  Even considering the amount of total 
time needed, that's a pretty good savings.

-- DJ Lucas

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