Addition to Chapter 12

Randy McMurchy randy at
Tue Nov 1 14:46:14 PST 2005

Miguel Bazdresch wrote these words on 08/20/05 21:29 CST:
> * Randy McMurchy <randy at> [2005-08-21 01:50]:
>>I haven't forgotten about your suggestions, Miguel. I'll be doing some
>>research about your suggestions and putting the stuff into the book. I
>>was hoping others would contribute some more ideas, and I'd do it all
>>at once.
> That's good to hear. A few more suggestions: I see you included SCons,
> so you might want to look at a-a-p too ( And since you
> included euphoria, I'll add two other little languages that are
> interesting from my perspective: ogdl (,
> and R (

Better late than never. :-)

I've added the following packages to the "Other Programming Tools"
section of Chapter 12: A-A-P, Mono, OProfile, OGDL and R.

Miguel, if you could provide URLs to the other packages you've
previously mentioned (darcs, monotone, git, merge tools, ctags, pyc
and tcc) I'll be happy to add them as well. I just don't have the
time to Google up the URLs right now.


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