New Package: GMime

Randy McMurchy randy at
Tue Nov 1 11:51:59 PST 2005

Hi all,

The Balsa package has a required dependency of GMime
( I'm going to add it to
the book, to keep up the trend of adding required dependencies of
existing BLFS packages.

Just wanted to throw out some info, and see if there is any feedback
or discussion required. It turns out that the version of GMime that
Balsa requires is a 'development' version. Apparently work has been
discontinued in the 'stable' series of GMime, so it sort of poses a
dilemma about using 'development' versions of packages in BLFS.

Balsa wants GMime version >= 2.1.9, yet the 2.1.x versions are not
the 'stable' versions. The 2.0.x versions are the ones labeled as

However, I'm not sure there is a real problem as here is what the
maintainers have to say about the versions:

"At this time, even though 2.1.x has not made the final 2.2.0 release,
it is considered more stable and more robust than the 2.0.x series."

You can see the above message and the 'stable' and 'development'
versions of GMime at:


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