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Randy McMurchy randy at
Sat Apr 30 20:12:09 PDT 2005 wrote these words on 04/30/05 17:59 CST:

> Yes, is very possible that in some of the first retagged packages could 
> remains some titles that hasn't been changed to uppercase yet. I'm not 
> perfect ;-)

Hey, no sweat. I only commented because I felt it was something that
should be fixed when you get the chance. It is a presentation thing
that takes a back seat to the actual instructions. As long as we have
accurate instructions, the presentation of them is secondary.

You're doing a great job and is appreciated by me, and probably
everyone else as well. Keep up the great work.

One other thing you may consider doing while you're touching all
the package instructions. For commands such as cp, install, ln, chmod,
chown, etc., that can utilize the -v parameter to verbosely display
what the command does, could you add this -v parameter to the

I asked about this a few months back and received one positive reply
about it, nobody indicating it was a bad idea. I like it because for
folks like me, that log everything, it gives a good representation of
the commands in the log files.

So, for those commands I mentioned above and any others that I missed
where -v is appropriate, could you add this into the command?


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