Commit message too big. JDK is in.

DJ Lucas dj at
Fri Apr 29 23:44:20 PDT 2005

Whoops...meant to send this earlier along with a few others...was still
open when I got back home now tonight....

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> DJ Lucas wrote:
>>Will do when final OOo build finishes, but probably not till tomorrow
>>evening at this hour.  Yes the build is fine without the doublefree
>>patch, but it's something that can cause worry.  I'm just double
>>checking the build and times now.  Also need to move jdk patches from
> DJ,
>   Are you going to mark blfs bugs 1048, 1090, and 1164 fixed?
>   -- Bruce

Got 1048 and 1090 about five minutes before you sent that I think, but
I've not had a chance to verify 1164 yet.  Not enough time now but will
check it out tomorrow afternoon.  Assuming the profile.d scripts (which
I do not normally use) are problem free, all should be well.  I also
still need to index OpenOffice yet.

-- DJ Lucas

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