J2sdk 1.5.0 installation on LFS 6.0.

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Apr 29 22:48:37 PDT 2005

Stef Bon wrote:
> Hello,
> No problem this time. I just want to say that 
> the installation of j2sdk 1.5.0 went fine.
> I'm using LFS 6.0. 
> The only issue I got was installing gcc-3.4.3 in /opt/gcc-3.4.3
> because compilation did not work with the compiler in LFS 6.0, 
> gcc-3.4.1.
> After installation of this compiler, adjusting the path so the make command
> will use the right version of gcc and setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH
> to /opt/gcc-3.4.3/lib, there was no problem.
> Stef

Nice to hear positive feedback.  Glad to see it still works as expected
even in a different environment.


-- DJ Lucas

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