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M.Canales.es manuel at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Apr 28 12:10:43 PDT 2005

El Jueves, 28 de Abril de 2005 21:03, Randy McMurchy escribió:

> I'm not sure that changes to the XML that don't affect any instructions
> really need to be included. In fact, most of the changes don't even
> affect rendering. I know I have not been including adding indexing
> tags and other non-visible changes to the ChangeLog.

That is fine. If no actual commend or text changes are made, no changelog 
entry is required.

> Also, Manuel, I have many, many updated files in my sandbox. Most
> of the GNOME-2 files and many of the multimedia packages (being
> hardheaded and trying to build all the GST-Plugin dependencies is a
> bitch, but I've done it before and just takes some time). If you
> could avoid doing any of those packages, I would appreciate it. I
> don't want to have to fight any problems merging my changes in with
> yours. I hope to be done with GNOME-2 (and all the multimedia) by
> the end of the weekend. 

I will whatch the book sections where all you are working to try to not create 

But if someone has in their working copy files allmost ready to commit using 
the old tag/indentation and that file has ben last updated by me, don't 
worry. Send your copy using yet the old style and I will retag/reindent it to 
the new one.

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