OpenOffice bug in BZ

DJ Lucas dj at
Wed Apr 27 22:32:38 PDT 2005

DJ Lucas wrote:
> DJ Lucas wrote:
> And yes the doublefree patch works.  But I forgot to update the build
> size and guess what?!?!  Yes another complete @$%^%&$& build.
> ;-)  Update coming soon.  Robert, you might want to put that patch in
> place as well if you are following this thread.  Only a little offset
> from the version posted earlier.  I'll post in the other thread for you
> just in case.
> -- DJ Lucas

Just a quick update.  The Openoffice instructions are sane minus the
goofed libmawt symlink.  But in trying to fix this trivial issue I had
applied the patch and forgot to remove the second instance of fclose in
cpp6.c.  After an hour of banging my head against the wall tonight going
"WTF?!??!! This worked last night!"  I realized my mistake.  I'm
rebuilding the beast now for SBU time and size measurements.  Patches
and text will be fixed momentarily and build times updated tomorrow.

-- DJ Lucas

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