DJ Lucas dj at
Tue Apr 26 21:20:23 PDT 2005

DJ Lucas wrote:

> Yep... I butchered the SVN properties!  I forgot the ':' character after
> '$Date' so that all instances of 'Date' are screwed in that patch.  Give
> me about 2 minutes to get a new copy into svn and onto'll be
> here in just a few moments...I think I removed some from the gentoo
> patch WRT STLport though for the new STLport.  BTW the original md5sum I
> posted is without those property lines.  I'll send the new md5sum to the
> list in a sec as well.

LMAO  Okay, that was fun.  That patch is not going to get properties for
now till I clean up the changes comments.  The comments in the patch use
the same properties so all the previous and past contributions at gentoo
and were acredited to me!  Of course my name would not have been
found in any of those source files..which explains the the 100 or so
hunks failing.  Anyway...
c572a09d964e04eefe5db73655cf57f5  OOo_1.1.4-gcc_3.4.2+_fixes-3.patch

BTW, renamed the patches only because I wasn't sure how the update
scripts would handle them.  It may not have been necessary, but it's
done now.  Robert, please also see the thread 'OpenOffice bug in BZ' for
an additional patch.  I'll rediff the thing with the comments changed
later.  BTW this is the exact, unchanged patch that I had been using
from the get go.

-- DJ Lucas

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