DJ Lucas dj at
Tue Apr 26 20:54:37 PDT 2005

Robert Connolly wrote:
> On April 26, 2005 11:26 pm, DJ Lucas wrote:
>>Yes I see that.  1.1.4 was a very quick release after 1.1.3.  I guess I
>>renamed the patch a long time ago, but it applies with only 2 offset
>>hunks here.  Double check those MD5s and please get back to us.
>>Thanks for checking these out.
>>-- DJ Lucas
>>[root at name1 openoffice-1.1.4]# md5sum
> $ wget 
> ...
> $ md5sum OOo_1.1.4-gcc_3.4.2+_fixes-1.patch
> 07071dde2557b1ca354ad6e4238ae269  OOo_1.1.4-gcc_3.4.2+_fixes-1.patch
> robert

Yep... I butchered the SVN properties!  I forgot the ':' character after
'$Date' so that all instances of 'Date' are screwed in that patch.  Give
me about 2 minutes to get a new copy into svn and onto'll be
here in just a few moments...I think I removed some from the gentoo
patch WRT STLport though for the new STLport.  BTW the original md5sum I
posted is without those property lines.  I'll send the new md5sum to the
list in a sec as well.

Sorry about that.

-- DJ Lucas

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