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Mon Apr 25 23:06:10 PDT 2005

Bruce Dubbs wrote:

> If the only reason for gcc-3.3 is needed is for proprietary software,
> drivers, etc, I would not put it in the book.  I also would not take it
> out if it can be used for the same reason since it is already there.  At
> least not at this time.

FWIW, I still need GCC 3.3.x to compile a patched version of libvorbis:
It makes encoding Ogg Vorbis files much, much faster. And as far as I
can tell, it is Free Software.

More generally, every new minor version of GCC brakes some packages. The
 BLFS book does provide patches, which is good, but it doesn't provide
them for every other package that is not in the book.

Taking instructions for GCC 3.3.x out of the book would do more harm
than good, IMO.

P.S.: I cannot post the the newsgroups, I don't know why. Would you mind
forwarding this message on it?

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