Thunderbird (was Re: Build failure caused by environment variable)

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Sun Apr 24 15:33:41 PDT 2005

Bruce Dubbs wrote:

>This has already been fixed in SVN for Mozilla and Firefox. It should be
>done in Thunderbird too.
>BTW, In reviewing this issue, I notice that we have two chapters of the
>book for Mail/News clients:
>20.  Mail/News Clients
>36.  Other X-based Internet Programs
>I think that perhaps we should rename these chapters to:
>20.  Console Based Mail/News Clients
>36.  Graphical Mail/News Clients
Sounds good to me.

>Also, Evolution should probably be moved from Chapter 33, "Individual
>Office Programs" to Chapter 36.
I disagree.  Evolution isn't just a mail client - it's a full-blown PIM, 
and probably should stay in the "Office Programs" section, perhaps with 
a link from the mail clients section like is done for other programs.


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