Thunderbird (was Re: Build failure caused by environment variable)

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Sun Apr 24 15:21:27 PDT 2005

Jeremy Utley wrote:
> jlh wrote:
>> It would be good to mention something about this somewhere.  Maybe
>> the build instructions should tell to unset the variables after
>> not being required anymore.  Ideally, people would use a fresh
>> shell for building each package to ensure that no such variables
>> are still set from a previous build.

> Not a bad point - I think in some places in the book this is done, but
> not in all, and in the case of Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird, it can
> definately have an effect, since each uses essentially the same
> codebase, with the enviornment variables determining which parts get built.

This has already been fixed in SVN for Mozilla and Firefox. It should be
done in Thunderbird too.

BTW, In reviewing this issue, I notice that we have two chapters of the
book for Mail/News clients:

20.  Mail/News Clients
36.  Other X-based Internet Programs

I think that perhaps we should rename these chapters to:

20.  Console Based Mail/News Clients
36.  Graphical Mail/News Clients

Also, Evolution should probably be moved from Chapter 33, "Individual
Office Programs" to Chapter 36.


  - Bruce

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