Postgresql and ALSA sockets

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Sun Apr 24 11:26:44 PDT 2005

Bug 1040 says that we should consider moving unix sockets from /tmp to
another, more secure, location such as /var/run/posgresql/. I have been
investigating this.

ALSA sockets can be moved by adding --with-tmpdir=/var/run/alsa to the
configure command in alsa-libs.  The directory would need to be created.
 I don't know what permissions the directory should have.

Postgresql is a bit more complicated.  The daemon can move the directory
for sockets when invoked with a -k switch, but that may break some
client apps.  All apps can be changed at once with a sed to a header file.

My problem is to decide whether we should do this at all.  I also notice
that KDE puts sockets in /tmp.  Is this such a bad thing?  Do we need to
override the developer's defaults in these cases?

I'm looking for opinions on how to proceed.  Should the bug just be
marked WONTFIX or should there be an effort in BLFS to move these socket

  -- Bruce

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