Spacing in the NFS Utilities

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Sat Apr 23 09:04:29 PDT 2005 wrote:
> El Sábado, 23 de Abril de 2005 09:01, Bruce Dubbs escribió:
>>>Something else has changed. The spacing in the list items no
>>>longer looks compact as it used to. I liked it the other way.
> Yes, due an improper pattner selector in the CSS code.

That's what I figgured, but I didn't have the time to check it out.

> Like I said when starting the changes disccussion, the roadmap should be:
> .- To define the tagging policies in the Editor's Guide.

We've got a tentative policy in the edguide.  It has been updated, but
we don't wnt to make wholesale changes quite yet.

> .- To change template.xml to reflect that policies.

That can be done now to reflect the edguide.  If anyone sees issues,
they should be discussed on the list.

> .- To adapt the XSL/CSS code to have the same look with the old and new 
> tagging.

That is where we are now.

> .- To make the changes in the sources.

After the proposed changes have been finalized.

> .- To depure the XSL/CSS to make it really BLFS-personalized.
> If the Editor's Guide is now up-to-date and that tagging policies are the ones 
> that we must to use, I can update template.xml and the XSL/CSS code quickly.
> Then we can start to use the new tagging without look issues.


  -- Bruce

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