Jeremy Utley jeremy at jutley.org
Sat Apr 23 08:47:36 PDT 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:

>Hi all,
>Discussion has turned to assigning UID's and GID's to specific users
>and groups. Is this really necessary?
>I know I won't follow any prescribed method of assigning UID/GID's
>as I have already a system I use. Should BLFS really be in the
>business of assigning UID's and GID's, or should that be best left
>to the builder, who is building his own system?
>Your distro, your rules. But we say do it this way.
>Shouldn't we leave it up to the builder to assign his UID/GID
The problem is, if the book, as it is currently written, is followed, 
then system users & groups will be created as non-system.  To bypass 
that, we need to assign them a UID/GID.  So, the discussion comes to 
what UID/GID should we assign?

I have my own system of doing so as well, so what?  I can easily 
continue my own system, so can you.  But, standardizing things for the 
book is not a bad thing.


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