More on UIDs/Permissions

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Thu Apr 21 21:24:04 PDT 2005

Jeremy Utley wrote:
> Bruce Dubbs wrote:

>> Not a bad idea, but we have several ftp and email servers.  I thought
>> about using the same number for all the ftp servers and the same numbers
>> of all the mail servers, but that would make the different packages
>> conflict. 
> They're going to conflict anyway :)  Only one FTP server can bind to
> port 21, only one mail server can bind to 25, etc.  And, in all
> technicality, there's no reason why, for example, vsftpd and proftpd
> couldn't both use the same username "ftp" :)

That is true, however it it technically possible to run multiple servers
on different ports.  I've never heard of anyone actually doing it
though.  I'm willing to put all the ftp servers on the same uids/gids
but I'd like more opinions.

> On a similar note, I'd like to see something that goes into other
> method's of device permission handling.  Right now, for example, you've
> got the audio group handling access to audio permissions and so on. 
> Kevin Fleming, back when the big discussion about groups happened,
> mentioned something about a way of having the user logged into the
> console always having access to the devices, but the same user when
> logged in remotely wouldn't.  That I'd definately be interested in seeing!

Sounds reasonable, but I would like to have someone write up a draft.

  -- Bruce

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