Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Apr 21 08:59:08 PDT 2005

Hi all,

Sooner or later, the D-Bus package will need to be added to BLFS.
I've worked on it a little, however, not really enough to be
fully confident in the setup and configuration.

Here are issues I have so far.

1. The socket and PID created by the daemon do not get cleanup up
when the daemon is stopped. I put rm commands in the init script
'stop' section to fix this.

2. The daemon is designed to be started via init as a 'system daemon',
then started by users as a 'session daemon'. I do not have a good
handle on this 'session daemon' stuff, yet.

3. I do not have a good handle on the system configuration file
used by the 'system daemon'. The default configuration file is
enough to start the daemon, however, I've not used D-Bus facilities
yet to know if it works as it's supposed to.

4. The bindings for Python and Qt cannot be installed (as best I
could tell) because the configuration cannot find parts of Python
and Qt. This is not a show-stopper.

5. I moved the path for the system daemon socket to /var/lib/dbus,
but I don't know if we can use 750 permissions on this directory
as I would think users need access to this socket.

6. The default directory for session sockets (created by the
individual user 'session-daemon') is /tmp. I tried to move this to
~/.dbus, but cannot pass the correct parameter to configure so that
make will use an escaped ~. Even though I pass \\~/.dbus to configure
and configure reports that the session socket dir will use \~/.dbus,
make chokes because it says the ~ is not escaped.

The package documentation can be found by following the 'Docs'
links at http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software_2fdbus

Now, all this said, I have two things.

1. If anyone has anything to contribute about any of these issues,
and can help me/us get these things worked out, I would appreciate

2. Should we introduce D-Bus to BLFS now, or wait until we have a
better handle on these issues. It very well could be that others are
very comfortable and knowledgeable about D-Bus, however, I am not.

So I'm asking for help and guidance from the community about this
package. TIA.


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