Creating users and groups for BLFS packages

DJ Lucas dj at
Wed Apr 20 22:22:32 PDT 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have argued in the past that creating users and groups should be
> accomplished in the 'Installation' section of the instructions and
> not the 'Configuration' section. Reflecting on this issue, for
> some packages it is of course necessary to create the user/group
> before installation as the installation installs files expecting
> that user/group to exist.
> For packages that don't have expectations (I will use the DBus
> package as an example, as I'm currently working on it), I would
> like to know if the group has a preference for creating users/groups
> in the 'Installation' section or in the 'Configuration' section.
> All input on this matter is welcome.

As you stated above, some packages require that the users be created
before installation.  Only an opinion, but for consistancy's sake, no
real technical reason, I'd suggest that all users and groups are created
in the first step of installation.

-- DJ Lucas

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