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Tue Apr 19 15:16:56 PDT 2005

El Martes, 19 de Abril de 2005 23:45, Bruce Dubbs escribió:

> 1.  I'm not sure what the comment "For file creation commands <literal>
> tags must be added enclosing the actual text" means.  Perhaps we need and
> example.

In chapter06 there is an example, but could be added one to the template also.

> 2.  s/systemintem/systemitem/


> 3.  I'm not sure the use of option tag is semantically correct, but I think
> we can live with it for our purposes.  I believe you are making the
> distinction between option and parameter for potential formatting reasons.

Well, in the examples found into the DocBook guide both tags has the same use, 
but parameter is render as italic and option as fixed font. This mean that in 
the "Command Explanations" you can see (literally) what parameters are used 
in the book's instructions and what are optionals.

For the test flow, option is most short ;-)

> 4.  Although there are differing opinions, I think we should generally use
> commas in delimiting all the members of a list.  By this I mean:
> a, b, and c
> not
> a, b and c
> unless b and c are being gouped together separate from a.

I also noted that, but is a grammatical issue, not XML related.

> 5.  In one place you show the screen tag indented.  If the entry consists
> of multiple lines, all lines after the first should not be indented.  This
> can be slightly confusing, so we need an example in the template.

Ouch.. That indentation should be removed.

As a side note, in chapter06, in the screen into the "configuration" section, 
>gt;>gt; must be changed by &gt;&gt; and <lt;<lt; by 

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