Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Mon Apr 18 23:20:04 PDT 2005

DJ Lucas wrote:
> Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>>3.  It seems to be an interaction issue between KDE and OO that may well
>>show up with our build.  I was just asking if someone else had seen it.
> So I did miss the point to some extent! ;-)  To be honest I don't use
> KDE.  I do have it installed, but can't start it ATM.  I'll check my
> existing build in KDE before installing the new one and report back.  A
> question though, what exactly are the symptoms?  In the original message
> it started in 4 seconds, but something else was running correct?  Is it
> just startup notification hanging around maybe?  And what about top or
> ps or other system monitoring utils, any hints there?   It'll be
> interesting to see if the problem still exists with the source build.
> Also, as previously mentioned, differences in the KDE environment and
> xterm environment?  I'm not entirely well versed here as I don't use
> them, but I _think_ I remember reading or hearing something of
> differences between {G,K,X}DM's environment and term environment fairly
> recent.  Beyond those, I can't think of any other ideas right now.  If
> it's there after source build, then anything you can dig now up will
> certainly be helpful.

OK.  This is getting too far off topic.  I don't want to waste time
trying to solve what is essentially a non-blfs issue. It is a minor
thing.  IF it shows up when I do the build, I'll bring it up again.

  -- Bruce

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